Thursday, February 16, 2006

Save the tigers!

I know this is completely off the "Advice Girlys" thing but that doesn't matter. Save the tigers! Do you know how people are treating them? I know there's laws saying that you can't harm the tigers but people don't care! They shoot them because they might hurt people in villages,but they can't help themselves! Their just using self defense. And...they tereat them like dirt! They walk all over them and kick them around! So take a stand. Save the tigers. YOU can make a difference. Be angels in disguise.

Monday, February 13, 2006


Take this quiz to see if you like to look clean and fresh!

1.How long do you spend on picking out clothes?
A.30 min.
B.15 min.
C.10 min.
D.5 min.

2.Do you ever go laundry basket diving in the morning?
A.No way!
B.Most of the time.
D.All the time!

3.How many times a week do you take a shower?
A.7 days a week!
B.5 days a week
C.3 days a week
D.once a week

if you picked mostly A's:Your totally fresh and clean!But don't let other girls think your a goody goody!One of us knows what it's like!
if you picked mostly B's:Your pretty clean!I would stay that way if were you!Not to clean,not to dirty!
If you picked mostly C's:Your not that clean.Sorry!People aren't going to like to be around you sometimes cause you might smell.:(Try to be more clean!
if you picked mostly D's:Your not clean at all!You need to take more showers and wear clean clothes more often!

kelly clarkson video

Thursday, February 02, 2006

dear candi_girls95,

dont be worried or freaked out about your body.all these things are natural.just be sure to take care of everthting properly.

To ray-n-jay

Dear ray-n-jay,
Hey!You've got a very common problem! So,is this girl your friend?If so,she's just trying to stab you in the back and she's not a true friend.If not,then tell her that you really like him.If she doesn't listen,tell him how you feel.If that's too uncomfortable, then let her go out w/ him and try not to break them up or be selfish.You get our point?

love ya,

the advice girly's!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


take this quiz to reflect your personality!

1.wich date is better?
A:candlelight dinner
B:out to a movie

2.when you first come home from sch ool you,
A:do your homework
B:hang out

3.when do you think is the right time to have a first kiss?
B:3weeks your school are you,
B:popular like to talk about,
A:how you think you did on your science test
B.that cutie in science CLASS.

mostly B's: you are a sassy kind of girl with a good fashion scence!
mostly A's:you are very focesed in school and always get good grades!


what is worse?
A:getting kissed by a guy with pizza breath
B:going on a date with bad BO

(answer on comments)


your friend might be stabbing you in the back or just tryin' to help you out by tellin' th truth.

hey. I think you should talk to him and ask him if it's true.If it's noit,go to your friend and ask her why she did that.Maybe she just likes him and is jealous? If so,tell her that she doesn't need to be telling him that! And maybe she's not a true friend.

the advice girlys

Monday, January 23, 2006

have you tried talking to your sister?if you try and it does not work then,write a little note telling her your concerns.Maby she just wants to hang out with her friends,but we really think you should try talking to her.we wil post more on family problems if you need us to!

advice girlys!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Some more advice on school


Here's some more advice on shopping!

1.Remember to bring homework to school every day and make sure you turn it in to the teacher.

2.Follow the dress code so you don't have to be sent back home!

3.Do your assignments!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Hey! We need some problems! And hopefully,we can make some games if anyone make a comment! Please,also e-mail us at if your problems are too personal.
We promise just to keep them between us.We will not laugh at your problems either because we know that things might be really important to you. Our motto is,"Give us your advice,and we'll give you a happy life".